The Beginning

One of the most gratifying moments for a parent is putting their young child to sleep with wonderful thoughts shared as you watch their eyes slowly shut with a smile.

Putting my daughter Jamie to sleep by telling her a make believe story was wonderful shared time that we would both anxiously look forward to each night.

One difference was that there were no books to read from. It was a spontaneously delivered story of what happens when the lights go out in a supermarket. Each child knows the products and the experience of sitting atop the shopping cart, being pushed by Mom or Dad and selecting the food items for the family.

So, Eddie the Egg, Larry the Lettuce, Betty the Banana, Oscar the Onion, etc, were all imaginatively delivered each night with escapades within and outside their respective food sections. There were no rhymes, no turning of pages, only my daughter’s anticipation of the next words to be said. Funny, how I would think during the day, “how am I going to match the fun and laughter of the previous night?” But each succeeding night, often with my daughter’s assistance, we would conjure up a very new and entertaining chapter, where we would laugh and hug until she would eventually fall asleep.

I have never forgotten how special those times were, and now being a grandfather of 5, I feel the need to tell these stories again and encourage all parents to do everything you can to sustain your children’s innocence as long as possible, because it is truly a gift you can all share together.

- Steve Sigler